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t-and-f: With over 2000 subscribers from around the world, this unmoderated list is the best source of up-to-date information and discussion of track and field. Subscribers include world class athletes, coaches, and some of the sports' most knowledgeable fans. I've subscribed since the list was started by Charlie Mahler in March, 1993, and currently serve on the team of rotating supervisors that tries to keep conversation on topic. Click here for the archives and subscription information. Find the list of supervisors here.

t-and-f-select: A subset of t-and-f, selected by moderators. The list was created in October, 1996 by Geoff Hutchison and myself. About half as much volume as t-and-f, with discussion and results limited to elite track and field. Read more.

Track and Field Links:

Video Clips of Recent Events: Brief quicktime movies with sound of selected elite and NCAA events since 1996. Michael Johnson's WR 200m and others. Lots of fun. Caveat: Although the movies last only about 15 seconds, they are huge -- 8 megabytes and larger. Don't try this on a modem connection . . .

Remko's Track and Field Page

Runner's World Online: Hey, I quit subscribing to the magazine years ago too, but this is the best source on the web for daily updates, interviews, and letters concerning track, road racing, and cross country.

Coolrunning: Mainly the New England running scene, but increasingly more info from elsewhere.

Track and Field News: Slower than Runner's World to see the advantages of the web, but gradually this site of the "Bible of the Sport" is improving.

Tilastopaja: Deep world lists of many events for current and recent seasons.

The Athletics Home Page: Petri Niininen's world and national records page, along with an extensive set of links.


Information on the t-and-f-select e-mail list

The t-and-f select e-mail list was created in October of 1996 in order to provide track and field enthusiasts more focussed discussion of elite track and field than the unmoderated t-and-f list. Guidelines for moderators are below. The volume on t-and-f-select ends up ranging between 1/3 and 2/3 of the volume of t-and-f. Posts reach your mailbox an average of about 6 hours later than t-and-f posts. If interested:

To subscribe: send email to with the following body:

subscribe t-and-f-select


subscribe digest t-and-f-select

Questions? Send me email

Guidelines for Moderators

            The Track & Field Select mailing list consists of a select group of posts from the general t-and-f list. No posts are sent only to this list except administrative posts from the editors. Instead, editors will forward to the select list only those t-and-f posts that discuss world class track & field. "Track & field" is broadly defined here, to include cross country, marathoning, and road racing. "World class" is generally defined as competition which includes athletes who have achieved the Olympic & World Championship A-standards. Also, results and discussion concerning athletes who have not attained the A-standard is welcome when those athletes are juniors who are performing at a level that would be competitive in the World Junior Championships, or they achieve a national age group or scholastic record, or in the opinion of the editor on duty the performance is especially noteworthy. The editors will also generally forward only one set of results for each meet, unless additional information is provided by subsequent posts. Posts concerning training methods will only be forwarded if, in the opinion of the editor, they are of relevance to world class athletes and coaches. The opinion of the editor on duty on all posts is final. Other editors not on duty and list members will not second guess the present editor. Questions concerning the general policy of what messages are included should be forwarded to Thus, Track & Field Select editors will forward NCAA Division I national championships and other collegiate competitions that include A-standard athletes.

Track & Field Select editors will generally NOT forward: (a) NCAA Division II and III results and discussion; (b) Most US High School results (most state championships); (c) Requests to be taken off the list; (d) Duplicate posts of results. (e) Mike Fox posts (f) Requests for results

The editors' job is to select and forward posts, not to modify posts. Long results from a meet that includes some elite results may be forwarded to the list, even though considerable non-elite results are included. The editors will rotate two-week stints. The editor on duty agrees to read t-and-f and forward results to the list regularly. Preferably no more than 16 hours should pass between reading t-and-f; in no case should the editor on duty allow more than 24 hours to pass. If this is unavoidable, the editor on duty should seek help from another editor.

Moderation Schedule (recall that this is not a straight rotation so that Kurt and I, who also supervise the main t-and-f list, can supervise and moderate at the same time):

22 Sep 05 Oct Randy
06 Oct 19 Oct Coty
20 Oct 02 Nov Kurt
03 Nov 16 Nov James
17 Nov 30 Nov Randy
01 Dec 14 Dec Coty
15 Dec 28 Dec Coty
29 Dec 11 Jan James
12 Jan 25 Jan Kurt
26 Jan 08 Feb Randy

Email Addresses of Moderators:


T-and-F List Supervisor Schedule

22 Sep 05 Oct Fred Finke
06 Oct 19 Oct Bill Roe
20 Oct 02 Nov Charlie Wandler
03 Nov 16 Nov Jennifer Buckley
17 Nov 30 Nov David Honea
01 Dec 14 Dec Coty Pinckney
15 Dec 28 Dec Charlie Mahler
29 Dec 11 Jan Phil Ponebshek
12 Jan 25 Jan Kurt Bray
26 Jan 08 Feb Fred Finke
09 Feb 22 Feb Bill Roe
23 Feb 08 Mar Charlie Wandler
09 Mar 22 Mar Jennifer Buckley
23 Mar 05 Apr David Honea
06 Apr 19 Apr Coty Pinckney
20 Apr 03 May Charlie Mahler
04 May 17 May Phil Ponebshek


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