Revelation Study Guide: Week 7, Chapter 3:7-13

By Coty Pinckney

Read Revelation 3:7-13, the letter to Philadelphia, at least three times, slowly, without referring to notes, prior to answering any of the questions.

(1) Look again at the chart you made of the seven letters to the churches. What is distinctive about this letter to Philadelphia?

(2) Look at the description of Jesus in verse 7. Consider Isaiah 22:15-25, Matthew 16:15-19, and Matthew 23:13. Paraphrase what Jesus emphasizes about himself by this description.

(3) What positive statements about this church does Jesus make in verses 8 to 10? Consider again the meaning of the open door.

(4) What is ironic about verse 9? What did the Jews anticipate happening eventually? See Isaiah 45:11-17 and 60:9-14 (have you noticed how often Revelation alludes to Isaiah?).

(5) What is emphasized in the promise to the overcomers? Contrast this promise with what Jesus says about the church in verse 8. What is the importance of the image of Jerusalem here?

(6) How can we apply this message to the church in your city today?


Now read Ray’s sermon on this letter, as well as Wilcock pages 54-56. Wilcock is especially helpful here. Reconsider your answers in light of these comments. Do you agree with Wilcock's interpretation?

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