Revelation Study Guide: Week 4, Chapter 2:8-11

By Coty Pinckney

Read the letter to Smyrna, Revelation 2:8-11, at least three times. Look at the chart you made during the previous study about the letters to all 7 churches.

(1) What is distinctive about this letter to Smyrna?

(2) Look at the description of Jesus in verse 8 and the promise to those who overcome in verse 11. Is there a link between these two verses and the challenges facing those in Smyrna?

(3) What does Jesus mean by saying, "I know your poverty -- but you are rich"? Look ahead to the letter to Laodicea in chapter 3. Consider also 2 Corinthians 6:1-10.

(4) Who are those who say they are Jews but are not? See Romans 2:28-29 and Romans 9:6-13.

(5) Who is behind the tribulation they are about to suffer? Who is being tested? Why does God allow this to happen? See Eph 6:10-18, 1 Peter 5:8-10, James 1:2-4.

(6) The tribulation goes on for 10 days. Is anything added to the verse by including this phrase?

(7) How is the letter to Smyrna applicable to us today? What truths and promises stated here still hold?


Now, after considering these questions, read the first half of Stedman's sermon on Rev 2:8-17, and the section in Wilcock on Smyrna. Reconsider the questions above in light of their insights.

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