Revelation Study Guide: Week 1, Overview

By Coty Pinckney

Read the entire book of Revelation at least three times. One of these times -- preferably the first -- read the entire book in one sitting. The book is surprisingly short; this may take 45 minutes to an hour. Do not look at any explanatory notes or commentaries at this stage. If you can't resist looking at your Bible's footnotes, use a different Bible!

Study Questions:

(1) From your reading of the entire book, pick out three to five central themes. What is God telling us here?

(2) With these readings fresh in your mind, how would you characterize the tone of the book? I've noted that some find it frightening or confusing; what words would you use?

(3) What are some key verses you have read, those that seem to stand out to you? These may relate to the themes you've highlighted, but they could also be single verses that burn in your memory.

(4) How would you outline the book? Don't go into great detail here (unless you really want to!), but try to pick out 5-10 major sections. Ignore chapter breaks as much as possible.

(5) After doing the reading, what are the major questions you have about this book? What do you want to be sure to cover in the weeks ahead?


Read the Preface and Introduction to Wilcock (pages 11-12, 19-25), and the first third of Ray Stedman's introductory sermon (until he quotes 1:4). Revise your answers to the questions above in light of this reading.

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