Revelation Study Guide: Week 18, Chapter 13

By Coty Pinckney

Read Revelation 12:1 to 15:4 once, then chapter 13 two more times, without referring to notes or commentaries, prior to answering the following questions.

(1) Where does the first beast come from? The second beast? In light of 10:1-2, and our discussion of those verses, what can we say about the ability of these beasts to disrupt Godís plan?

(2) Consider the first beast. Look at Rev 12:3 and Genesis 3:14-15 as well as Daniel 7, especially verses 1-7, 17, 18, and 23-27. List the characteristics of this beast. What similarities are there between the beasts in Daniel 7 and this beast? What do the beasts in Daniel 7 represent? What, then, might this beast represent?

(3) Who worships the first beast? Why? What is the relationship between the beast and the dragon?

(4) What does this beast say? What does he do? What impact does this have on the saints? How can you tell that God is in control, even now?

(5) Reflect on verse 10, and how it would speak to Christians through the ages.

(6) Detail the characteristics of the second beast. What does it mean for the beast to look like a lamb, but to speak like a dragon? What other lambs appear in Revelation? What does this beast represent?

(7) What is the relationship between the two beasts? Given your interpretation of the beasts, how do you understand this relationship?

(8) The beast requires its subjects to get a mark on their foreheads or right hands. Look again at Rev 7:2-3. What do people have to choose between? What are the only two options? What are the consequences of refusing the sign of the beast? What are the implications for us today?

(9) Look at verse 18 carefully. The NIV is particularly accurate here: "This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man's number. His number is 666." John tells the one with insight to calculate the number of the beast, manís number. Presumably the reader would then pause, waiting for people to do the calculations! Then he gives the answer. How is 7 used in Scripture, particularly in Revelation? How is 3 used? Why might 666 be an appropriate number for the beast, for manís number?

Now read Stedmanís sermon on this chapter and Wilcock, pages 122-131. Revise your answers in light of the insights of these commentators.

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