Before Dec 1 THEOLOGY
x Berkhof Systematic Theology (almost finished)
Guinness Fit Bodies, Fat Minds
Hoekema Created in God's Image
Wells Losing Our Value
Murray Christian Baptism
Murray Redemption: Accomplished and Applied
Whyte A Commentary on the Shorter Catechism
x Calvin Institutes
x Calvin Treatise on the Lord's Supper (from Tracts and Treatises on the Reformation)
x McGregor Wright No Place for Sovereignty: What's Wrong with Freewill Theism
Boston Human Nature in its Fourfold State
Venning The Sinfulness of Sin
Witsius The Economy of the Covenants Between God and Man
x Scougal The Life of God in the Soul of Man
Flavel The Fountain of Life
Owen The Death of Death in the Death of Christ
Watson The Body of Divinity
x Fisher The Marrow of Modern Divinity
x Walther The Proper Distinction Between Law and Gospel
Dabney Lectures in Systematic Theology
Deiter et al Five Views of Sanctification
Kuiper The Glorious Body of Christ
Stott The Cross of Christ
x Morris The Apostolic Preaching of the Cross
Morris Spirit of the Living God
x Latourette A History of Christianity, 2 volumes
Lightfoot The Apostolic Fathers
x Shelley Church History in Plain Language
Eusebius The History of the Church
Augustine Confessions (reread)
Athanasius The Incarnation
Anselm Why Did God Become Man (Cur Deus Homo)
Bradwardine The Cause of God Against the New Pelagians (De Causa Dei Contra Pelagium)
Daniell William Tyndale: A Biography
Bainton Here I Stand (reread)
Lull Martin Luther's Basic Theological Writings
x McGrath A Life of John Calvin
x de Greef The Writings of John Calvin: An Introductory Guide
Olin A Reformation Debate: Sadoleto's Letter to the Genevans and Calvin's Reply
x Aubigne Reformation in England
Bunyan Holy War
x Ferguson John Owen on the Christian Life
Boston Memoirs
Boston The Beauties of Boston
Watson All for Good
Rutherford Letters
x Edwards The Life of David Brainerd
x Edwards Humble Attempt
x Dallimore Life of George Whitefield
Wesley Journals
x Murray Refival and Revivalism
Murray The Forgotten Spurgeon
Spurgeon Autobiography
Ryle Life from Old Times
Noll, Hatch, Marsden The Search for Christian America
Barth Church Dogmatics: A Selection
Myers All God's Children and Blue Suede Shoes
x Wells No Place for Truth
x Kreeft Christianity for Modern Pagans
Newbigin The Gospel in a Pluralist Society
x Kaiser Towards an Old Testament Theology
x Robertson Christ of the Covenants
Harrison Jeremiah and Lamentations
Bridges Proverbs
Fuller The Unity of the Bible
x Fee New Testament Exegesis
x Ladd Theology of the New Testament
Lloyd-Jones The Heart of the Gospel (Mat 11)
x Carson and Woodbridge Hermeneutics, Authority, and Canon
x Turner and Cotterell Linguistics and Biblical Interpretation
George Galatians (New American Commentary)
Hughes Commentary on Hebrews
Trench On the Parables and Miracles of Christ
Gurnall The Chirstian in Complete Armor
x Pratt Every Thought Captive
x Machen Christianity and Liberalism
Van Til The Defense of the Faith
x Ford Transforming Leadership
x Gangel Feeding and Leading
x Berkley Leadership Handbooks of Practical Theology (3 volumes)
x Bridges On the Christian Ministry
Fairbairn Pastoral Theology
x Logan The Preacher and Preaching
x Eims The Lost Art of Discipleship
x Still Towards Spiritual Maturity
Lloyd-Jones Spiritual Depression
Winter Perspectives on the World Christian Movement
Spurgeon The Soul-Winner
Davis Evangelical Ethics
Horton The Law of Perfect Freedom
Kreeft Back to Virtue
x Nash Poverty and Wealth