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Thoughts on College for Homeschoolers

College for Homeschoolers: A Vision

College for Homeschoolers: Financial Viability

Homeschooling Links, etc

Jim Muncy's writings: Reflections on homeschooling and fathering, from a Christian perspective.

Jon's Homeschool Resource Page: The best on the web.

Greenleaf Press Wonderful history resources for homeschooling. Rob Shearer was a college classmate of mine, but I would plug Greenleaf in any event.

The World's Greatest Stories, tapes by George Sarris. No web site. George has five tapes of narrative sections of Scripture, which he relates word for word. George has been a professional actor, and that comes through in the tapes. My children listen to these over and over, and I enjoy them while traveling in the car or washing dishes. Don't miss these! 1-888-STORIES.

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