This Expositor's Quote is another from Charles Spurgeon:

I have known preachers who have been very weak, and yet they have been used of the Lord. For many, many years, my own preaching was exceedingly painful to me because of the fears which beset me before entering the pulpit. Often, my dread of facing the people has been overwhelming. Even the physical feeling, which came of the mental emotion, has been painful; but this weakness has been an education for me. I wrote, many years ago, to my venerable grandfather, and told him of many things that happened to me before preaching, - sickness of body, and terrible fears, which often made me really ill. The old gentleman wrote back, and said," I have been preaching for sixty years, and I still feel many tremblings. Be content to have it so; for when your emotion goes away, your strength will be gone." When we preach and think nothing of it, the people think nothing of it, and God does nothing by it. An overwhelming sense of weakness should not be regarded as an evil, but should be accepted as helpful to the true minister of Christ.

Charles Spurgeon, An All-Round Ministry, Chapter 7, "Strength in Weakness."

[Does this sound familiar? Do you feel weak, do you tremble before preaching? Use such feelings to remind yourself of your weakness and God's strength. Only He can open ears and hearts! Coty]

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