Today's Expositor's Quote is from Ray Stedman:

The greatest contribution the Church can make today to a troubled and frightened generation is to return to a consistent and relevant preaching of the Word of God! All Christians would agree that what is most needed in the present age is a loosing of the power of God among us, but what is often forgotten is that the proclamation of His word has always been God's chosen channel of power. "He sent his word and healed them," the psalmist declares. And it is not so much preaching from the Bible that is needed, as it is preaching the Bible itself---in a word, expository preaching!

Exposition is preaching that derives its content from the Scripture directly, seeking to discover its divinely intended meaning, to observe its effect upon those who first received it, and to apply it to those who seek its guidance in the present. It consists of deep insight into and understanding of the thoughts of God, powerfully presented in direct personal application to contemporary needs and problems. It is definitely not a dreary, rambling, shallow verse-by verse commentary, as many imagine. Nor is it a dry-as-dust presentation of academic biblical truth, but a vigorous, captivating analysis of reality, flowing from the mind of Christ by means of the Spirit and the preacher into the daily lives and circumstances of twentieth century people

Ray Stedman, "On Expository Preaching," available on the web at this link. The Ray Stedman Memorial Library is perhaps the best collection of expository sermons available on the internet.

[God chooses to work through the proclamation of the whole counsel of His word: "You have been born again . . . through the living and abiding word of God." (1 Pet 1:23). Do we really believe God's word is living and active, the only offensive weapon we possess? We, together with Paul, have a commission from God to present to the chuch "the word of God in its fullness" (Col 1:25 -- plerosai ton logon tou Theou in Greek). May we fulfill that commission, and thereby fill to the fullness the word of God. -- Coty]

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