Today's Expositor's Quote is another from John Piper's biographical sketch of John Calvin:

"The divine majesty of this word" . . . was always the root issue for Calvin. How might he best show forth for all of Geneva and all of Europe and all of history the divine majesty? He answered with a life of continuous expository preaching. There would be no better way to manifest the full range of the glories of God and the majesty of his being than to spread out the full range of God's Word in the context of the pastoral ministry of shepherding care.

My own conviction is that this is why preaching remains a central event in the life of the church even 500 years after the printing press and the arrival of radio and TV and cassettes and CD's and computers. God's word is mainly about the majesty of God and the glory of God. That is the main issue in ministry. And, even though the glory and majesty of God in his word can be known in the still small voice of whispered counsel by the bedside of a dying saint, there is something in it that cries out for expository exultation. This is why preaching will never die. And radical, pervasive God-centeredness will always create a hunger for preaching in God's people. If God is "I am who I am" - the great, absolute, sovereign, mysterious, all-glorious God of majesty whom Calvin saw in Scripture, there will always be preaching, because the more this God is known and the more this God is central, the more we will feel that he must not just be analyzed and explained, he must be acclaimed and heralded and magnified with expository exultation.

John Piper, The Divine Majesty of the Word: John Calvin: The Man and His Preaching, February 4, 1997. Available online. Tapes of this talk are available via the website.

[What is the root issue for you and your ministry? Is there a better way to show the "full range of the glories of God and the majesty of His being" than through exultant, passionate, earnest expository preaching? In a world which belittles God, may we magnify Him through our ministry of the Word -- Coty]

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