Today's Expositor's Quote is from Sidney Greidanus:

The necessity of expository preaching shows itself most clearly when the question of authority is raised. By whose authority do preachers preach? Whose word do they bring? If preachers preach their own word, the congregation may listen politely but has every right to disregard the sermon as just another person's opinion. If contemporary preachers preach with authority, however, the congregation can no longer dismiss their sermons as merely personal opinions but must respond to them as authoritative messages. The only proper authority for preaching is divine authority - the authority of God's heralds, his ambassadors, his agents. Heralds and ambassadors . . . do not speak their own word but that of their sender. Contemporary preachers, similarly, if they wish to speak with divine authority, must speak not their own word but that of their sender.

Accordingly, if preachers wish to preach with divine authority, they must proclaim the message of the inspired Scriptures, for the Scriptures alone are the word of God written; the Scriptures alone have divine authority. If preachers wish to preach with divine authority, they must submit themselves, their thoughts and opinions, to the Scriptures and echo the word of God. Preachers are literally to be >ministers< of the word. Thus preaching with authority is synonymous with true expository preaching. . . .

At heart, expository preaching is not just a method but a commitment, a view of the essence of preaching. . . . This underlying commitment, in turn, is bound to reveal itself in a method in which preachers tie themselves to the Scriptures and, as heralds of Christ, seek to proclaim only what the Scriptures proclaim.

Sidney Greidanus, The Modern Preacher and the Ancient Text: Interpreting amd Preaching Biblical Literature, Eerdmans, 1988, p. 12, 13, 15.

[Are you submitting your thoughts and opinions -- indeed, your very self -- the the Word of God? May we eschew all thoughts of basing our authority on our position or our degrees or our experience; instead draw all our authority from God's precious and powerful Word! -- Coty]

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