Christian Links, etc

Peninsula Bible Church -- The Ray Stedman Memorial Library is a tremendous resource.

Peninsula Bible Church - Cupertino -- Excellent expository sermons. See especially John Hanneman's 20-sermon series on Galatians.

John Piper's Sermons in written form -- All the sermons John has preached at Bethlehem Baptist Church since 1980. Presently working through Romans. Also check out the associated Desiring God Ministries page.

Piper's audio sermons: Four or five recent sermons. If you've read him but never heard him preach, you've got to listen to at least one sermon. His passion and earnestness come out even more in audio than in his writings.

The Spurgeon Archive

Jonathan Edwards On-Line

Phil Johnson's Christian Links -- an extensive set of links, with helpful annotations.

Sermons and More: Thom Garner's fine site containing sermons from many great preachers, including Whitefield, Campbell Morgan, Dabney, Tozer, M'Cheyne, Ryle, Torrey, and others.

Milpitas Bible Fellowship -- a real gem, not well-known. Check out the publications by Brian Anderson.

Solo Christo -- A fine collection of historical writings on the major doctrines of the faith.

Sola Scriptura -- Another fine collection of historical writings on major doctrines.

The Martyn Lloyd-Jones Recording Trust -- Tapes are available for over 1500 sermons from this master of expository preaching. They will send you a free tape if you ask for one in your first contact. There is also one 28-minute message available on RealAudio; the message changes each week.

Sean Richardson's Martyn Lloyd-Jones Page -- Links to biographical information, sermons, papers, and a brief RealAudio file.

Mt Zion Bible Church -- This church in Pensacola has an extensive publishing, tape, and Bible course ministry. They offer over 7000 tapes free (in batches of 10) to whoever asks. Among the 7000 are over 1000 by Martyn Lloyd-Jones. Many tracts, booklets, and Bible course materials are also available for free.

Mars Hill Tapes -- These bimonthly, 90-minute tapes by Ken Myers contain thoughtful discussion of contemporary issues from a Christian perspective. You can request a free demo tape from the site.

The World's Greatest Stories -- George Sarris' excellent recordings of narrative sections of Scripture, word for word, read with an actor's expression.

The Baptist Banner -- A monthly newsletter concerning issues relevant to Southern Baptists, particularly those in Virginia. My father is the editor.

Eternal Life Ministries -- A great set of articles, sermons, and free resources available by mail, all from the reformed tradiion.

Contend for the Faith: An Apologetics and Theology Resource Page by Matt Perman and Justin Taylor -- A fine collection of articles, most by these two men associated with Bethlehem Baptist Church and John Piper.

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